Dumari Dancoes, is an Empowerment Specialist and spiritual teacher who helps people experience their truth and divine power. Dumari's purpose is to take self-doubt out of people's direct connection with God and their heavenly helpers.

Dumari is a trained Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Channel for the higher realms and Human Design Specialist. She uses her intuitive skills, as well as her Human Design knowledge, to help you understand and experience the power and magnificence of Who You Really Are.  In a fun loving way, Dumari helps you graciously integrate the wisdom and love of your Spirit (God self) in your daily life.

Dumari also uses the "I~M System of Healing" to discover anything in the energy field that doesn't allow us to be free to experience ourselves as the unlimited spiritual beings we are.  Using the power of Love and our "I Am" Presence (God within us), she guides you to balance/release/shift the limiting energy and belief systems, and put in place the highest, most positive energy pattern.  You are then free to claim, direct and allow yourself to fully experience that which you truly desire.

For the last couple of decades Dumari has been on a journey of self-empowerment, searching for Truth. She has been a life-long student of metaphysics and trained in many modalities like Reiki (Master certification), hypnotherapy (focused on past-life regression & Quantum Healing with Dolores Cannon), the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Angel Therapy (certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue, PhD), direct-voice channeling (certified by Illuminating Souls), and the "I~M System of Healing (trained by Dee Wallace), to name a few.

Dumari has served as volunteer staff in five of Dr. Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy Practitioner® (ATP) one-week trainings, where she assisted future ATPs in connecting with their angels and divine guidance.


Even though she had been interested in metaphysics since high school, it was the challenges of motherhood which gave Dumari a "wake-up call."  When her children were toddlers, she found herself in the midst of self-doubt and struggle.  She quickly realized that she needed extra tools to help her tackle mothering two strong-willed, sensitive, and spirited boys.  She needed practical, simple, and "down-to-earth" tools that would help her communicate more effectively, experience respect and loving connections, and feel empowered within her home environment. 

This search for parenting tools quickly led Dumari to life tools that deepened her spiritual understanding. This process not only helped her shift her parenting experience into a positive one, but most importantly, Dumari found that her true power really came from within herself, from tapping into her Spirit.  She learned that she could access this wise and loving Self through her heart, and by doing so, her life transformed like divine magic.

Dumari felt it was important for her to share the insights and tools she had gained with others, especially parents.  This inspired her to become a Certified Family Coach and Parent Educator in 2004. She then created, a resource for parents looking for heart-based ways to raise their children.

A couple of years later, she created to share the amazing insights and powerful strategies she found in the Human Design System, a personality tool which helps you understand yourself (and your loved-ones) from a practical, energetic, and spiritual point of view.

Today, inspired by her vision of a world where everyone is expressing their God self and living a life of joy, love, inspiration, clarity, freedom, empowerment, and abundance, Dumari is living her passion of helping others experience their oneness with God.  She was inspired to create this site,, as a place for sharing loving reminders and empowerment tools with those whose hearts are leading them to connect with their own Spirit.

Dumari was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and is fluent in Spanish and English. She graduated from Bentley College with a BS degree in Computer Information Systems (she is proud to have created this website herself!). Dumari and her husband reside in Southern New Hampshire with their two sons.


I painted this pastel painting of myself in 2009 as a visual representation of my life purpose and intentions.  I invite you to join me in affirming this vision for yourself if it resonates with your heart as well.

"I am always guided by God and the higher realms to help me be the shinning light that I truly am.  My heart guides me with loving wisdom and compassion.  My arms are outstretched as I gratefully receive the abundance, guidance and all the good things the universe offers me.

"My feet are firmly grounded on Earth.  My arms are outstretched towards the heavens.  I am present here on the planet, expressing perfect balance between my spiritual self and my personality self.  I am a beautiful bridge between Heaven and Earth.  I happily walk in both worlds, lighting and uplifting my surroundings wherever I go.

"The purple around the Earth represents God's hands cradling, supporting, and holding both the Earth and myself.  I trust that God cares about me deeply and that all my needs are met easily and effortlessly.

"I am a clear channel for God's light.  I know God/Love is my essence and I consciously live this truth to the best of my ability.

"It is my greatest joy to share messages of Light & Love with others to inspire and empower them to be 'the greatest version of the highest vision they ever held about themselves.'*

"I am so grateful to be here, enjoying life to the fullest and helping others do the same."


*phrase taken from Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsh

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