Welcome Message from the White Light Council


I work with the White Light Council, a group of higher guides, whose purpose is to "assist those who are desiring to open and deepen their personal connection with the Divine and the higher realms."  Their intention is to contribute in raising humanity's consciousness and increase the love frequency on the planet. It is a blessing for me to channel their loving messages in service to humanity.

Here's a welcome message from the White Light Council to you...

"We are Light. We are Love. We are Here.

"Welcome beautiful ones.  You have found your way here by divine appointment.  Your soul is guiding you to experience your Light, your Power, Your Beauty.  Thank you for paying attention and for listening to the inner whispers of your soul.

"We are here to reflect back to you your truth.  To empower you to follow your inner guidance, which is always leading you towards Love, Happiness, Peace, Abundance, Clarity, and your Highest Good.

"You are important dear one.  You are a beautiful spark of the divine Creator.  When you allow yourself to release the limiting beliefs and emotions that hold you back and dim your light, your world brightens up.  YOU light up!  And so does the world!

"If you could see you as we see you, all your fears would disappear in an instant.  We are here to assist you in seeing yourself through the eyes of God. So that you can see and experience who you really are in your true splendor and majesty!

"In service, we are the White Light Council."


What the White Light Council told me when they introduced themselves to me early in 2009,

"Dear Dumari, we are here.  Today, we wish to talk about who we are, your relationship with us, and our work together.

"First, we'd like to say that we love you.  This is the basis of our relationship.  We are spiritual family and we have a common goal in working together.  All of us here love humanity and it is our purpose to assist humanity in its spiritual evolution.

"This is an important time in humanity's history.  You are at the brink of powerful changes.  What happens now and in the months/years to come will have a huge effect in the direction of this race.

"We wish to be part of this change.  It is our desire to guide as many of you who are ready and asking for this guidance.  We could say that our area of focus, or expertise, is to assist people in making a connection to their divinity, to their spark within, their inner light.  Yes, to God within.

"This is where most of our work will focus: on giving people information, inspiration, ideas, and tools to experience their divinity and magnificence.

"There are many of us here.  We come from different areas in the universe.  Some of us are Ascended Masters who have lived on Earth before, there's angels, star beings, beings of light, your own Higher Self, and others.  Our heritage is diverse, just like yours.  What we do have in common is our love of Source (God) and our love for humanity.  We are One; One with the All; One with You."


When they gave me the message above, I asked them for their name.  I needed a name.  This is what they said,

"We wish to call ourselves the White Light Council.  Here are the reasons why we feel this name is an appropriate representation of who we are:


  • "White light is the combination of all the colors.  It is light containing all wavelengths.  Like the white light, we are a combination of many different type of beings.  We represent different spiritual helpers from many places in the universe, joined together as One for the purpose of being of service.


  • "We are a reflection of you.  You are also like the white light.  On earth you have different races from many different countries.  In reality you are all One: the human race.  From a higher perspective, you and us are also One.  We bring a message of Oneness.


  • "Light is defined as God, it even says it in your dictionary. This is our true essence, which we wish to high-Light!  We (each one of you and us) all come from the One Light...the one Source/God/Spirit!


  • "White light raises vibration.  Many of you use it for energetic protection because of this reason.  We are here to assist you in raising your vibration.


  • "When you are in a dark place, white light illuminates your surroundings.  It gives you clarity.  It helps you see more clearly. This is what we do.


  • "When you are walking on a path, lighting your path helps you know where to step next.  We are here to shine your path so that you can make choices that are aligned with where you wish to go.


"We look forward with excitement to working with you and all those who are attracted to re-discovering, re-membering, re-connecting, re-claiming, experiencing, and expressing their Inner Light."


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