• Discover the gifts divorce offers you (even if it feels like the opposite)  
  • Find out how to go from feeling confused and lost to confident and empowered  
  • Connect with your True Self, your inner guidance and Spiritual Support Team (angels and guides) for clarity and direction  
  • Learn how to love yourself through challenging experiences; this is the key to your happiness


  In The Gift of Divorce, Dumari St. Angelo shares the story of her marriage’s dissolution—from the initial pain and fear, to the decision to let go, to her arrival at a place of confidence and self-love.  

Guided by her Spiritual Support Team—her angels and guides—Dumari made her way through the seven stages of D.I.V.O.R.C.E.:

Derailment, Isolation, Victim, Overwhelmed, Refocused, Centered, Empowered.  

Her journey is revealed through raw and intimate diary entries written during her divorce process, accompanied by new insights gained since the divorce through self-reflection and with the help of her Team.  

With the support of her Team, her friends, and her family, Dumari discovered that although she had been looking to her husband to feel loved, she was the source of Love in her life all along.  

The gift of her divorce journey was empowerment: an unshakable connection to herself, her intuition, and the Team that guides her through life’s challenges. In taking you along on her journey, Dumari invites you to connect with your own Team to get through all of life’s obstacles and feel more deeply loved, secure, and confident.  

If you are going through a divorce (or considering one), this book can help you view divorce and its seven stages as an opportunity to rediscover your True Self and embrace the power of divine love within you.  

The Gift of Divorce” felt like Dumari’s gift to me.  

Her raw honesty, calm acceptance, and enlightened observations are touching and genuine.  

As a divorced single mother, so much resonated with me, and gave me shiny, brand new perspectives toward others and myself. Her non-judgmental realizations are a testament to her truly loving and pure spirit.  

This book is a must-read for those looking for universal goodness and understanding in this tumultuous time in our lives, whether going through a divorce or not.  

Dumari allows us all to be human, to be kind and fair to ourselves, and gives us permission to experience our feelings. I need to read this again and again to meditate on each revelation I had while devouring it.  

From mud to salsa dancing, I have received the gift of higher understanding in this easy-to-read compilation."  

Denise Moses  

  • A different perspective—a higher spiritual perspective—on challenges, why they happen, and how to overcome them with more ease and inner peace.  
  • A step-by-step process that can help you go from feeling derailed, overwhelmed and like a victim, to a place of clarity, feeling inspired and empowered.  
  • A lifeline. Hope. Realizing that you can heal, empower yourself and ultimately, be happy.  
  • Knowing that you don’t have to go through life’s most difficult challenges, like a divorce, on your own. That you have available to you a Spiritual Support Team who adores you and can help you overcome these challenges in very practical ways.  
  • A reminder that divorce is not the end, but the beginning of a new chapter in your life…the best one yet!  

Individuals, especially women, who are:  

  • Going through a divorce, have gone through one, or are thinking about it.  
  • Looking for a higher, spiritual perspective on life’s challenges and how to overcome them in practical ways.  
  • Interested in spiritual concepts, like inner guidance, angels, and the Law of Attraction.  
  • Wishing to heal, trust, love, and empower themselves.  

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Dumari St. Angelo has been communicating with her Spiritual Support Team of angels and spirit guides since 1999.  

These communications have helped her gain a higher understanding of life and have made it easier to go through major challenges, including her recent divorce. 

Through her work as an Empowerment Coach, Dumari empowers individuals, especially women, to fulfill their soul’s greatest vision for their life with the wisdom, love, and practical support of their own Team.

Dumari is the founder of Empower U from Within and the creator of The H.E.A.R.T.S. Way to Divine Guidance. Learn more about Dumari’s work at EmpowerUfromWithin.com.