Watch special message from Dumari

Hi Beautiful!

I am here to remind you that:

  • You CAN live a meaningful and fulfilling life.
  • You CAN recreate yourself in the most amazing way through and after divorce, or any other major challenge in your life.
  • You CAN trust your inner guidance and experience the divine support of your angels, guides, and Higher Self.
  • You CAN feel confident and empowered to live the life of your dreams.
  • You CAN fall in love with yourself and with your life.

If your heart yearns to experience these things, know that you’ve been divinely guided here in order to see that it is possible and how to do it.

My purpose and passion is to help you awaken to your divine identity and empower you to fulfill your soul’s highest vision for your life, in every area of your life, so you can wake up in the morning excited, with clarity, and easily experiencing the divine support available to you.

This is what I have done with the help of my Spiritual Support Team–my angels, guides, and Higher Self. My Team told me that it was important that I share the details of my journey of empowering myself from within through self-love to show you how I did it and inspire you to do the same. And I did. I wrote about it in my #1 Amazon Bestseller: The Gift of Divorce. You can learn more about my book here.

I look forward to supporting you in your own journey of empowerment and awakening to your True Self.




The Power of Divine
Love within you

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How to connect with
your inner guidance

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Your True Self with
Divine Help

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Here’s how I help YOU experience

Connection, Clarity & Comfort

Here’s how I help YOU experience

Connection, Clarity & Comfort



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Connect with the power of Love
& the Support of your spiritual team – you spirit, angels, guides and God

Divine Guidance


Navigate and access a
higher perspective to clearly see
who you are and how to get to
where you want to go.

Divine Guidance


Experience the comfort,
peace and ease of living your
highest truth



You’ve Arrived… HOME!


In times of unforeseen change, many of us feel alone and uncertain.
This brings an opportunity for us to go within to connect with our soul and allow the love within our heart to be heard more loudly, so we can remember who we really are and why we are here.
I can help you tune-in to your heart’s compass and the divine support available to you to fulfill your greatest destiny! You are being guided back HOME, back to your True Self, to experience the FREEDOM and JOY you desire.